FlyFF (Fly for Fun).

FlyFF (Fly for Fun) : Flyff popular free Mmorpg game (called free-to-play). Flyff is good with to different special abilities, characters is as good as anime movie, and you can fly in this game. You read right: flyff name comes fom that ability. You can fly over the sky while other people fighting below. You need to go level 15 to fly.

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Flyff mmorpg game has 4 different character class, that: Acrobat(just like archer, ranged warrior.), Assist (like cleric on other mmorpg games, gives buff and health). Magician (spell casting warrior.) Mercenary (strongest fighter on flyff game. like warrior on other games. He is strong and hard to kill). You will love flyff if you love to fly :)

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